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This script is different than you might expect, or if you are used to it, just in the context of bitcoins.

BTCSHOPCART offers you a really simple way to handle and integrate a shop and payment module with Bitcoin into your website. It does not require any complicated API knowledge. So no API key is needed and this makes everything simple, fast and safe for you.


After the customer confirms the shopping list in the shopping cart, completes his contact data and completes the process in the checkout area, the script generates a "public address" with a QR code that identifies the address the customer can send.

As soon as the input of the Satoshis (BTCs) has been confirmed on the blockchain, the input can be queried and ascertained in the administration area (Admin Panel) with just one click.

If this is the case, the relevant "private address" (private address) is generated and displayed for the merchant (ie you). This address was by no means to be seen before.

Now send the credit from this address to your own private address, which should be done on a regular basis so that it is ensured that incoming credit is not stored there permanently.


  • BTC Open Shop Widget PHP Script
  • Multilingual - 6 languages
  • Actual btc-price by blockchain.info
  • Different currencies
  • Easy integration with iframe
  • Unlimited Items
  • Flexible CSS
  • Secure key pairs
  • Top German Quality
  • Admin Panel



Dealer (online)


Script: PHP, CSS, JS

Variabel: Color, 6 Languages, Country currencies

Flexibel: iframe-ready!

Lieferbar: Available

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